About us

Gelarto Rosa is an independent chain of artisanal ice cream stores in the heart of Budapest. We are a taste of tradition, intimacy, and romance in the glorious Szent István Square. Our ice-cream is hand-made on the premises, from the finest organic ingredients, using traditional (artisanal) Italian ice-cream making techniques, and shaped by our skilled staff into our artistic rose shape.

Our chain includes Gelarto Bistro, our gourmet deli companion, and international Gelarto Rosa franchises, with the first one now open in Doha, Qatar.


Our flavours are limited only by our imagination. We are always innovating to offer you more and more exotic and unusual flavours, alongside traditional flavours, to delight your taste buds. 

Our gelatos and sorbets are made exclusively from natural ingredients of the highest quality, imported mainly from Italy or sourced from local suppliers. We use exotic ingredients such as Alphonso mango, Bronte pistachios, and vanilla from Réunion Island, alongside fresh milk and cream, and delicious seasonal fruits to create the best ice cream possible.


Enjoy our other taste treats too

About Gelarto Bistro and Bara Süle

Introducing Barbara “Bara” Süle, creator of the wonderful Bara Süt cakes and desserts.
Bara is now the master pâtissière at Gelarto Bistro, the light eating sister store to our famous Gelarto Rosa ice cream parlour. Bara brings the same quality and passion which Gelarto Rosa has been delighting ice cream lovers with for over a decade to her exclusive recipes for Gelarto Bistro.
We use the finest ingredients to create an exciting and mouth-watering delicious gastronomic experience, in our ice cream, our light eating dishes, and our desserts. We use fresh local seasonal fruit, and the best ingredients from around the world, including Italian almond flour, Piemont hazelnuts, Alphonso mangos, Bronte pistachios, and vanilla from Réunion Island.


Our ice-cream sundaes are especially for ice-cream connoisseurs and aficionados. We garnish our sundaes with fresh fruit, Belgian dark chocolate decorations, and locally-baked sesame or almond brittle sticks.


We love Italian coffee. Our strong Maromas coffee roasted in the Italian style goes very well with our cakes and desserts. Our coffee contains 100% Arabica beans, and is made by our very experienced barista. Coffee is available to eat-in or take-away. If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend one of our delicious Callebaut hot chocolate variations.


Want to surprise a loved one with something unique, or to give something unforgettable for a special occasion? We help you bring delight to others with our Gelarto Rosa gift card and voucher (you choose the value of the voucher), to be redeemed and enjoyed in our iconic flagship store on the edge of the Basilica.

I would like a gift voucher

Voucher – Gift an experience

Why not gift someone an unforgettable experience on special occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day? Like a beautiful ‘rose’ in a flowery casket… fresh, seductive and delicious! Surprise your friends and loved ones with a Gelarto Rosa Gift Card; you choose the amount. The card can be used in our store for ice cream, cakes, Macarons and real Italian coffee.

Not only ice cream!

We offer many tasty surprises in Gelarto Bistro. Please pop in and experience some dishes that you might not even dream of!

Gelarto Bistro

Our small, but cosy, bistro awaits lovers of exciting flavours and exotic ice creams, on the more relaxed side of St. Istvan Square.

Our new menu, created exclusively for us by master pâtissière Bara Süle, offers something for everyone, including a wide selection of sweet and savoury courses and desserts for vegan and vegetarian customers.

We also try to be environmentally friendly, and our take-away packaging made of pressed leaves is attractive, green, and compostable.

Gelarto Chef

Our Gelarto Chef ice-cream, combined with our freshly made gourmet food, needs to be tasted to be believed. Some of our specialities and rarities include goose liver, smoked aubergine, or paprika flavoured ice-cream, combined with beetroot, pesto or pumpkin seed gourmet treats.


We aim to delight you with the beautiful, the exquisite, and the unique for your large special occasion, be it a birthday party, wedding, or gala dinner. We make our breathtakingly beautiful rose ice-cream cakes to order, to provide an interesting and irresistible centre-piece for your occasion.



Gelarto Rosa

Szent István tér 3, St. Istvan Basilica, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Call us: +36 70 383 1071
Email us: gelarto@gmail.com

Opening hours: We are open 10:00 to 22:00 every day, including Sunday.

Our flagship ice-cream store, with its unique parlour design and famed ice-cream roses, is at the heat of the Basilica. Ice-cream fans: come inside for our fabulous rose-shaped ice cream. In-door and outdoor seating available.


Gelarto Bistro

Sas utca 11, St. Istvan Basilica, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Opening hours: We are open 08:00 to 20:00 every day, including Sunday.

Our delightful deli is at the calmer end of St. Istvan Square. Gastronomes and food adventurers: come and try our deli ice-cream and gourmet food, breakfast, and lunch in a relaxing bistro atmosphere. In-door and outdoor seating available.


Gelarto Pop-up Store

Hercegprímás utca 3, off St. Istvan Basilica, 1057 Budapest, Hungary

We are open from April to October; 12:00 to 20:00 every day, including Sunday.

Our flagship store can get very busy at peak times! If you cannot wait to get your hands on our delicious ice cream, our pop-up store is a just a few hundred yards away from the main store. Like all of our other outlets, Gelarto Pop-Up has its own unique parlour design and atmosphere.

Contact us!

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