Gelarto a casa – ice cream selection – 12 flavors

7 000 Ft

If you are lovers of ice cream this deluxe selection from Gelarto is made just for you! You can find the most delicious flavors separately in a box. You can eat your ice cream one by one, use it in addition to other desserts or you can also create your favorite ice cream bowl, you only have to decorate it with fresh fruit and it’s done! It’s an excellent dessert for having guests!



You can simply combine fruit flavored ice creams with each other, the same goes for the milky ones but if you would like to mix fruity and milky ice creams together, let us recommend you a few combinations: strawberry-elderberry-pistachio; mango-chocolate; strawberry-elderberry-vanilla and/or chocolate; basil lemon-chocolate. 

The flavors you find in the box are as follows: strawberry-elderberry sorbet, mango sorbet, basil lemon sorbet, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, peanut, sour cherry soup, oreo, lavender white chocolate, salted caramel, Rákóczi túrós (cottage cheese with beaten egg whites and apricot jam).