Our ice-cream sundaes are especially for ice-cream connoisseurs and aficionados. We garnish our sundaes with fresh fruit, Belgian dark chocolate decorations, and locally-baked sesame or almond brittle sticks. Our most popular sundaes are the 2–in-1 fruity and creamy sundaes (for two people). For kids, we recommend the Hello Kitty or Kókusz pók (Coco Spider) sundaes.

We love Italian coffee. Our strong Maromas coffee roasted in the Italian style goes very well with our cakes and desserts.
Our coffee contains 100% Arabica beans, and is made by our very experienced barista. Coffee is available to eat-in or take-away.

We also recommend one of our delicious Callebaut hot chocolate variations. Our hottest chocolate drink combines Callebaut dark chocolate pastille with eggnog, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of… garam masala!

Our Shakes

For people who not only want to eat our gorgeous ice cream flavours, but to drink them!

We blend our delicious ice cream with fresh milk or yoghurt. Your biggest difficulty will be choosing from our selection of heavenly flavours: Poppy, Strawberry, Coconut, Chocolate, Caramel, or Yoghurt.

Introducing Barbara “Bara” Süle, creator of the wonderful Bara Süt cakes and desserts.

Bara is now the master pâtissière at Gelarto Bistro, the light eating sister store to our famous Gelarto Rosa ice cream parlour. Bara brings the same quality and passion which Gelarto Rosa has been delighting ice cream lovers with, for over a decade, to her exclusive dessert recipes for Gelarto Bistro.

We use the finest ingredients to create an exciting and mouth-watering delicious gastronomic experience, in our ice cream, our light eating dishes, and our desserts. We use fresh local seasonal fruit, and the best ingredients from around the world, including Italian almond flour, Piemont hazelnuts, Alphonso mangos, Bronte pistachios, and vanilla from Réunion Island.

We pay special attention to our vegan, and health conscious, customers, and those on a diet! Gelarto Rosa offers sugar-free, vegan and paleo ice creams options for some of our ice cream. Gelarto Bistro offers the same options for our dishes, cakes and desserts.

You can see our current and daily selection at our cake counter in the stores, while our permanent selection can be found on our webshop. We can also prepare sugar-free and allergen-free versions of most of our cakes on order.

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